API License and Disclaimer

At Moogsoft we realize that quality is the distance between expectations and reality. To that end, we want to be clear about the limitations, constraints, and support we provide for our public REST APIs.

License and Disclaimers

Users are permitted to use and modify our public REST APIs to facilitate their use of the Moogsoft platform in a manner consistent with the rights they’ve separately purchased from Moogsoft, during the term of their license or subscription.

In order to build a robust community around the Moogsoft platform and our APIs, all users are required to grant a license back to Moogsoft of any improvements they create to our public REST APIs so that others may share and benefit from the improvements. For that reason, you agree that any changes you make to our public REST APIs are licensed back to Moogsoft on a perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free and worldwide basis under all rights that you may have in such changes. In the event you have a separate written agreement with Moogsoft governing your use of our REST APIs, that agreement will control.

We do not make any guarantees, representations or other warranties with respect to our public REST APIs or any improvements or changes made by other members of the Moogsoft community. In addition, we do not provide any particular support with respect to our public REST APIs, unless we’ve otherwise agreed to do so in writing.

Backward Compatibility and Limitations

The last thing developers and businesses need is to be surprised that a crucial endpoint is no longer reachable, behaving unexpectedly, or has changed in any way that disrupts or breaks an established workflow. We take steps designed to ensure backwards compatibility of our APIs.

We consider the following changes to be backwards-compatible:

Additive changes:
• Adding a new resource (i.e. adding a new URL or path to the APIs)
• Adding new optional request parameters
• Adding new JSON fields in API responses
• Changing the order of properties (some folks may note that field order in JSON objects is not actually guaranteed anyway)
• Changing the length or format of strings in error messages

Limits and Constraints:
• Your API client consumer should gracefully handle any of the additive changes above.
• Moogsoft might apply sensible concurrency and rate limits when the integrity of the Moogsoft platform and/or service degradation is at risk, even if an individual resource has no rate limits currently.

Versions and Sunsetting:
• When breaking changes are required to innovate and evolve the Moogsoft platform, we will provide version updates for individual APIs as designated by changes to the next whole number -- for example, /v1/metrics, /v2/metrics, etc.
• Each individual API is versioned separately. For example, we might publish a v2/events API but not a /v2/metrics API.
• The general format of different APIs in the same version, such as v2, might be different.
• We will support existing versions for up to 6 months before we permit ourselves to sunset the resource.