Collectors API Overview

You can use this API to do the following:

  • Create, retrieve, update and delete collectors.

  • Retrieve metric data from a collector.

  • Post metric data from a collector.

  • Retrieve the set of available metrics from a collector.

NOTE—This API requires an authorization key. Users do not have keys by default; you might need to create one manually. See Managing API Keys.

Collector terms

This API uses the following terms.

Term Defiition
filter To create and validate a metric filter, use the Search field in the Metrics page. You can then copy and paste the filter into your request.
fully_qualified_moob The full name of the managed object associated with a metric.

You can view the fully_qualified_moob at the top of a metric chart.

key An optional metric field that provides additional information. For example, the metric name might be "disk\_used" and the key might be "eth0."

You can view the key at the top of a metric chart.

namespace The namespace associated with a metric. This is the first element in the fully_qualified_moob: `namespace:managed_object:archive`.
query A database query to filter by collector(s)
start The index of the first item to return from a set of query results. Thus a value of 50 will return the 50th object in the output onward.
uuid The universally-unique ID of a collector. The UUID is in the format `namespace:managed-object:archive`.

You can view the UUID in the UI page for the collector.

version The SDK version of the mar. To determine the version, navigate to the following folder on the collector host: `collector-home/collector/sheds/collector-instance-name/mars/namespace/mar-name/sdk-version-number`