Maintenance Windows API Overview

This API lets you schedule, cancel, skip, and view information about maintenance windows and their occurrences. Maintenance windows are helpful in reducing noise in your Moogsoft Cloud environment. Use maintenance windows in conjunction with custom correlation definitions to avoid creating incidents for known issues or alerts resulting from planned maintenance. You can also use the identifying maintenance fields with outbound integrations to further customize the way alerts created or updated during maintenance windows are handled.

Maintenance Windows makes use of the following fields:


The in_maintenance field identifies alerts which were created or updated with new events while a maintenance window was active. While a matching maintenance window is active, in_maintenance = true. When the window expires, the value for in_maintenance becomes false for the alert, unless the last event for the alert arrived within another matching active window. In this case, the alert remains in maintenance and is linked to that window.

The maintenance_windows field includes a list of all windows that were active when any new events were added to the alert. An alert can have multiple values here if it was active within different windows over time, or fell into overlapping maintenance windows. Note that an alert can only be in one active window at a time.

The maintenance field includes the ID of the last maintenance window that was active when the alert updated.

These fields make it possible to determine if an alert was impacted by a maintenance window that occurred in the past, or if it's being impacted by an active one right now. You can use these fields in combination with other features to use this information in the most meaningful way for your Moogsoft Cloud environment.

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