Welcome to the Moogsoft APIs!

Overview of the APIs for Moogsoft

Moogsoft supports "API-first" workflows. You can perform your setup, configuration, and analysis tasks programmatically using the Moogsoft APIs.

Before you begin: important notes

  • Moogsoft Engineering has adopted a policy of limiting GET requests to a maximum of 1000 records. Our datastore can store millions of records and our APIs are paginated. You can retrieve all requested records, but you should use multiple iterative requests to retrieve large data sets.

  • Moogsoft API operations are classified as follows:

    • Safe operations — All GET operations are Safe operations.

    • Advanced Operations — An Advanced operation will impact your data and settings. POST, PATCH, and DELETE operations are all considered Advanced. Before you perform an Advanced operation, carefully consider the impact that the operation will have. For example: If you PATCH or DELETE a correlation definition, the change will immediately impact how your instance will correlate alerts and create incidents.

  • Some fields shown in the Moogsoft UI have corresponding fields in the APIs. In some cases, these fields will be slightly different. For example, a lowercase field in the API schema might be shown as uppercase in the Moogsoft UI. For this reason, it is good practice to rely on the defined schema, and not the fields displayed in the UI, when you define your parameters and payloads.