PagerDuty Integration API Overview

You can use this API to create, retrieve, test, update, and delete PagerDuty integrations.

PagerDuty integrations enable you to receive just-in-time PagerDuty notifications when alerts or incidents get updated in Moogsoft. This is a bidirectional integration in which the two systems synchronize their alerts and incidents:

  • Moogsoft notifies PagerDuty when it creates an alert or incident. PagerDuty then creates a new corresponding object.

  • Moogsoft notifies PagerDuty whenever it updates an alert or incident. PagerDuty then updates the corresponding object. The following events trigger an update in PagerDuty:

    • Incident status update

    • Incident severity update

    • Alert status update

    • Alert severity update

    • PagerDuty notifies Moogsoft whenever an incident (derived from Moogsoft) gets updated.

  • Moogsoft then updates the corresponding object.

NOTE — This integration requires manual setup in both PagerDuty and Moogsoft. See Send notifications using PagerDuty.